Welcome to Eden Naturals!  Your place for "spa inspired"olive oil cleansing bars, Victorian jeweled gift bag sets and Christmas gift boxes.

With hundreds of natural soaps avaiable, what makes Eden Naturals cleansing bars unique?  It's our history. Our products were first created for spa clients. These clients demanded premium quality and soothing bars...with no harsh chemicals or skin-drying ingredients.

All our handcrafted cleansing bars are hand crafted and hand cut.  Each bar contains 50% olive oil. In over a decade in making these bars, we have found that olive oil is the best for skin care.

Our bars were also selected as the Bride's maids gifts for the "Martha Stewart Perfect Wedding" held in Acapulco Mexico.

Our gift sets combine the elegance of a Victorian jeweled gift bag with our salts and bars. These gift sets speak distinction and elegance.

Let us bring to you the same products created to meet the most stringent demands of spa clients.

Handcrafted, natural, and comforting.