Since Biblical times, olive oil has been used as a blessing and to treat and soothe the skin.  Olive oil penetrates the top layers of the skin and also helps retain the skin's natural moisture.  Each Eden Naturals cleansing bar is made from pure, imported olive oil.   We don't use chemically derived olive oil extracts!

Our spa formula blends olive oil, soy proteins, and palm kernel and coconut tropical oils. And,
we also add cocoa butter for extra moisturizing. Our bars are fragrant, many with natural botanicals,  and great for the shower. Each 5 oz. handcut bar is
3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x1 and is wrapped in a recycled paper band.

 Don't settle for an ordinary natural soap. Experience the "spa inspired" quality of Eden Naturals cleansing bars. We guarantee that your skin will feel a difference!

A breezy, fragrant scent from the islands.  Light, floral and relaxing. Drift away with this fragrance!   5.0 oz  

Almond with Oats
A light, sweet almond fragrance mixed with fresh ground oats for light exfoliation.  Our best selling fragrance cleansing bar. 5.0 oz 
Lemongrass and Sea Kelp
Vibrant, lemony fragrance of pure lemongrass essential oil enriched with fresh ground lemongrass and dried sea kelp.  Rich in natural iron and minerals.  5.0 oz
Classic, lightly fragrant floral bar with lavender essential oil.  We also blend in freshly ground lavender buds to enhance the lavender experience.  5.0 oz    $6.50/bar
Light fragrance for men.  Think of cool waters when bathing. Clean fragrance. This fragrance will take you back to the simpler times of your life.  5.0 oz  
La Spirit
Fresh, crisp, light. Refreshing. Great to wake up to in the morning.  5.0 oz  

A light, lemon verbena fragrance. Fresh and great for the steam shower. Great for the steam shower!  5.0 oz  
Southern Spice
Exotic blend of musk and sandalwood.    Your senses will thank you for using this bar. A favorite of men.  5.0 oz   $6.50/bar
Tropical, clean, light and refreshing.  A light, slightly floral fragrance bar reminding you of the aroma after a summer shower.  Clean and elegant.  5.0 oz  
Jingle Bells
The classic fragrance of wassail (cinnamon and cider). A great Christmas scent. (Made only Oct - Dec.) 5.0 oz